Our story

People have a penchant for monotony and thrive on routine when in reality, we only need to take a step outside the box and dare to be a little different. Each individual has the capacity to achieve the extraordinary. SFC Plus was launched for those who defy tradition and for the inherent trailblazers waiting to break free in all of us.

The journey from a single outlet in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1993 to the 37 restaurants that span UAE and India today, is a story in itself - of breaking barriers and setting trends.

Through our unique approach to delicious yet wholesome fast food that satisfies all your cravings in one place – from pizzas,burgers and fried chicken to salads, juices and Mocktails!– we’ve moved away from being just a traditional “quick service restaurant” to a groundbreaking “WOW service restaurant” with a dedicated table service in selected stores .