Our Secret


Our golden crunchy chicken boasts a unique twist to the traditional Southern style recipe that millions of customers flock to indulge every year. We prepare our chicken fresh daily and remove the skin to significantly reduce fat content. They are then marinated in flavors that seep to the bones before tossing in breading that is spiced with our own recipe of herbs and seasonings and pressure fried for juicy, tender bites of scrumptiousness that guarantees you lip-smacking satisfaction. Are you wondering how the breading stays on without the skin?


Our pizzas are our pride and joy and are treated as works of art; the sauces our paint and the dough our canvas.
The dough is kneaded fresh everyday using the finest flour to give it that addictive crisp-on-the-outside yet soft-on-the-inside bite that marks a superlative pie. Slathered with our very own herbed savoury tomato sauce and bubbling with cheese over your choice of toppings, you are guaranteed foodie paradise.


Our burgers are renowned for their juicy patties of crispy fried chicken breast prepared fresh daily, ground juicy beef, mildly spiced veggie patty or freshly battered fish fillets. Every bite will stimulate your taste buds with our flavorful sauces and the crunch of garden vegetables. Enjoyed in our soft, freshly toasted bun, explored in a submarine or as a wrap, you can be assured of being hooked for life!


We offer wide range of salads in addition to offering wholesome ingredients to make your own salad! A wide variety of locally and sustainably sourced freshly cut and crisp vegetables and legumes ensure you nutritious goodness enveloped in a range of delectable yet light dressings. Pile up your plates and dig in to the oh-so-delicious yet waistline friendly refreshing assortment of nature’s treats.