Delivery Driver

  • Job Code : SFCP – DD – 2016/006
  • Job Title : Delivery Driver
  • Job Location : Kerala, India
  • Age Limit : Below 35 Years
  • Education Qualification : Minimum HSC
  • Minimum Experience : Holding Valid Indian two wheeler driving License.
  • Language proficiency : Know to speak, read & write Malayalam, English/Hindi


  • Title : Delivery Driver
  • Responsible for : Delivering food in optimal time and distribution of menu flyer
  • Job Summary : SFC plus Delivery drivers are assigned the task of delivering food items from a store to the address of a person who has placed a home delivery order. A delivery man is responsible for making a note of the addresses to which the food items have to be delivered and thereby making the delivery of the respective orders in a timely manner. He will be required to adhere to strict dress code. He should have a friendly demeanor and strong verbal skills and has the experience to drive a two wheeler bike fast, safely and efficiently in any climatic condition.
  • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Responsible for driving the vehicle provided to him to the address of the customer has ordered the food and delivering the food items.
    • Responsible for making sure that the correct food items are delivered and is also responsible for the collecting the right amount of the payment from the customers.
    • Responsible for taking care of the vehicle and avoiding driving rash for the safety of the vehicle and the orders he is carrying.
    • Responsible for informing the store about any undelivered food orders or any problems in the vehicle.
    • Responsible for delivering the items on time.
    • Responsible for bringing back the vehicle to the store after all the orders are delivered.
    • Is responsible for learning all the routes and ways of the area in which he is supposed to deliver orders.
    • Check and carry out regular maintenance of bike he is driving.
    • Ensure carrying of the bike registration and Petrol card at all times.
    • Ensure all traffic rules and regulations are followed.
    • Carry out distribution of flyers as required by the Store in-charge.
    • Tender correct change to the customers to avoid complaints.
    • Settle all cash collections for the day with the store cashier as per transaction report.
    • Check the packed order against the receipt to ensure order is correctly arranged.
    • Ensure that the right order is picked up with all the accompaniments.
    • Ensure that the standard phrases are followed while delivering the order to the guests.
    • Ensure that the bikes maintenance, service, passing etc. are done as per the schedules.
    • Assisting the new bike drivers to learn the skills including the routes and building serviced.
    • Backing up the restaurant crew members in their jobs, assist in any area to ensure that the food is being prepared, packaged and delivered to customer in a timely manner.
    • Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the store In-charge.


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